Readings, Papers & Teaching


2017  My Name is Gretchen Merryweather (hardPressed poetry, 2017), Southern Festival of Books, October 13-15, cancelled

“X-Peri and the Dada Effect: Readings of Contemporary Experimental Writing,” May 18, Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery, Vanderbilt University, with Sammantha J. Prychodko, Jamie Thurman and Alex Lundy, details here


2018  “The Undoing of Self in Robert Duncan’s Passages,” The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, New Groundwork: Form, Self and Tradition in the Poetry of Robert Duncan Seminar, University of Louisville, February 22-24

2017  “Slow Reading by Default: How Slow Processing Speed Benefits Literary Comprehension,” Association of Literary Scholars, Critics and Writers Conference, Slow Reading Seminar, University of Dallas, October 26-29

“A Sweet Disorder: ADHD, Dyslexia, Modernist Indeterminacy and the Poetics of Neurodiversity,” May 2, The Unbinding Prometheus Project, The Modernist Social Network Seminar Series, University of Pennsylvania, February-June


2017  Writing Badly: A Poetry Workshop, March 11, Workshop Co-leader (with Win Bassett), The Porch Writers’ Collective, Refinery Nashville, Nashville, TN

2016  Writing Badly: A Poetry Workshop, June 18, Workshop Co-leader (with Win Bassett), The Porch Writers’ Collective, The Skillery, Nashville, TN